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About Grand Band

About the Grand Band


The money clip has evolved into elegance and style. The Grand BandTM is an innovative and unique accessory that wraps around and holds anything you might keep in your wallet – ID, cash, credit cards, business cards and more. Born of the same practical convenience as money clips and rubber bands, the Grand Band is simply the sleekest, most stylish way to secure cash and cards during the day or evening events – anywhere wallets won’t.

The Grand Band, a trademarked product began in 2001. The Grand Band started as a single-style men’s accessory into multiple unisex collections featuring 100+ unique styles that appeal to all budgets and lifestyles. The Grand Band is sold by hundreds of fine jewelers, department stores like Neiman Marcus, gift shops, websites and catalogs.

The Grand Band has been featured in InStyle MagazineNew York Magazine, Joan Hamburg on WOR Radio, and The Today Show by renowned gift specialist Robyn Spizman, and CNN Worldwide as the perfect gift item for any event or occasion. We have also participated in the K92FM All Star Acoustic Jam, 2nd Annual Country Music is Love Concert, Super Bowl XLV Celebrity Gifting Suite, and the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

Crafted in gold, sterling silver, stainless steel or anodized aluminum, the Grand Band can be personalized with either engraved or raised gold letters, 13 different color bands, and multiple configurations to accommodate any taste, logo, artwork, budget or need.  For corporate orders, color pad printing and dye struck personalization is also available.

The Grand Band’s expandable band can be used both width-wise and length-wise on your cash and cards to secure them with style.

The Grand Band is the ultimate designer gift for men and women! 


Men have been clamoring for the Grand Band ever since its inception: its unique, elegant and highly functional design renders it far superior to the money clip so many men use. 

But then Grand Band founders stumbled upon this unique, versatile accessory and immediately recognized its vast fashion potential: not only is it a handsome piece, but it works, a fashion rarity that cut through demographic boundaries. 


In 2010 Grand Band began by issuing bold new designs and product lines, including more feminized styling for fashion-conscious women who desire a svelte, beautiful and conversation-starting accessory that's actually really useful. Following everything from art to magazine to real-life street style Grand Band's look became refreshed. 

Recognizing its appeal and potential, Grand Band began marketing the product more aggressively in wider spectrum of venues - not just high-end jewelry stores, but also Internet sites, college bookshops, sports arenas, trade shows and gift catalogs. 


The Grand Band is proud to be American: invented in America, owned by an American company, and fully manufactured domestically. The company's efforts have transformed a small niche product into a high-profile must-have. Family-owned and operated, Grand Band has blossomed from a humble enterprise into the single source for one of the country's most desired new fashion products. 

Once known only in the New York area, the Grand Band has found its place on a global map: you might have noticed the Grand Band's presence at the most recent Super Bowl, Spotted on everyone from New York fashionistas to Wall Street scions to L.A. moms, it's one of the most desired personal accessories in the marketplace. 

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