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Details and first impressions matter. 

And a man's personal style should always express his confidence, effortless elegance and absolute individuality. 

Inspired by the appealing and self-assured men in her own life, artist Joy Ziefer has crafted a timeless brand of men's jewelry to celebrate men's individual styles: "Grand Man celebrates the fashionable, edgy, classic and urban men who have influenced me."

As a prolific artist, renowned designer and successful entrepreneur, Joy has spent most of her life elbow-deep in the worlds of art, jewelry, interior design and fashion. 

Her pieces offer upscale, individualized style at an affordable price. Grand Man encourages a man to explore who he is, be himself, and celebrate a big moment (or the wonders of everyday gift-giving) in a way that expressed his own unique success. 

"The Grand Man wears personalized statement pieces made just for him," says Joy. "They're as unobtrusive and sophisticated as he is, an dthey make a powerful and lasting impression." 

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What you wear projects who you are, and Grand Man helps you find, create and present your uniqueness to the world through our array of diverse, customizable men's jewelry. 

Our commitment to our customers starts, emphasizes and ends with their happiness and satisfaction.